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Aggressive Predators

Strange, vicious little creatures with Dracula-like teeth and really bad attitudes because aggression is a major key to survival. Don' t let the size fool you, they can pack a whole lot of punch for their size. Rob Bredl introduces us to Numbats, Dunnarts, Quolls, Phascogales, Planigales and Antechinus. These amazing little animals feature high aggression matched only by their metabolic rates.

Hunting and stalking their prey is like watching a top African predator hunt only in fast forward motion. Rob shows us their needle-like fangs and ponders their roots in a harsh land where once their prehistoric ancestors where lumbering giants compared with their modern, high speed counterparts. Rob also searches for answers of the extinct 'Marsupial Lion' being compared to the saber-toothed tiger, and if it is somehow linked to a mystery of Yeti proportions that has been lurking the Australian bush for close to a century.

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