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Pythons are relatively primitive and were some of the first snakes to evolve. Rob Bredl makes a study of the snakes that branded Australia 'The land of the Pythons'. In all sizes and colours, Rob really gets into a 'pet' topic of his and drapes himself with these big guns of the snake world. From 50 centimetres to 6 meters, they are all constrictors and use this as their means of killing prey. Rob takes us to an annual bat migration where Children's pythons find plenty of prey... he takes to the trees to find the beautiful green python and even a type named after Rob Bredl's famous snake expert father, the 'Bredlii'.

Rob searches for answers as to why they are one of the only predators with colour vision and how they have adapted so well to a harsh environment. He shows us how the Python uses both his scent sense to find rodent tracks and follow them all the way the burrow and when the python will use his infra red sensing abilities in tandem with this sense of smell to track down birds in trees.

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