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The Ultimate Stalkers - They may look like enormous versions of domestic pets but lions and tigers of the world are no "pussy cats". They are ruthless and successful carnivores of the highest order and they kill to eat. Rob Bredl takes you to see how lions and cheetahs stalk African plains. Then even in the darkest moments of survival you will appreciate the agility of the Californian cougar as it pounces from above.

There are times when big cats include human flesh on their menu and survivors of attacks give their remarkable stories. We look back at the extraordinary and famous attacks at Tsavo in Kenya where 140 workers lost their lives to two marauding male lions…an event which inspired the movie “Ghost In The Darkness”. We visit the Chicago Field Museum where answers are sought staring into the glassy eyes of the responsible killers now preserved forever in infamy. Rob speaks with global experts to examine the behaviour of these perfect predators as they hunt, kill and survive.

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