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For a study in sheer animal cunning it would be difficult to surpass the dingo; an animal very similar in appearance to the domestic dog with good reason the dingo is the original dog, the first wolf to be domesticated from Asia 3,000 years ago and now released for so many generations in Australia that it has returned to wolf-like behaviour.

Rob Bredl examines this killer of the outback to find the truth behind the hype. It successfully hunts kangaroos as well as running down sheep and cattle. For this reason in the state of Queensland a fence 3000 miles long has been erected to try and keep it out. Most famous for taking and reportedly eating baby Azaria Chamberlain in the late 70's as portrayed in the Meryl Streep movie 'A Cry in the Dark' . The dingo has recently started to attack and kill humans again posing clashing cries of destruction and conservation. Rob has his own dingoes DNA tested for purity and lineage knowing the killer instinct lies deep within.

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