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There is so much to the Rob Bredl story he is an intuitive and expert hunter, conservationist, superb animal handler, amazing bush tucker cook and educator. In this episode we're introduced to the man behind, under and on top of a menagerie of animals most of which want to eat or at least kill him.

Rare early footage of this crocodile breeder and hunter shows the emergence of a real Crocodile Dundee right down to the cheeky twinkle in his eye. With a croc knife that hangs like a sword on his belt, Rob takes us hunting for freshwater crocodiles, riding and even kissing savage saltwater crocodile monsters, then gently caring for kangaroos and koalas. He's as natural with dingoes as he is with 6 meter long pythons, and just as cool when bitten by a large Lace Monitor lizard or a 5 meter crocodile that tries to take off his foot. This is the story of how Rob Bredl turned the world into his playground and how its' most deadliest creatures became his toys.

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